From the cooperation with Galfrè studio , Elaios was born with the intent of creating an object of common use with a traditionally extraordinary material, whose beauty is emphasized by a treatment of extensive cabinet-making experience.

The particular nature of the material, which requires a tailor handmade carving, makes each piece truly unique.

For over 70 years Groppo has been a symbol of excellence, elegance and Made in Italy innovation.

Founded in 1946 in Sommariva Bosco, in the Cuneo area, Fratelli Groppo is a company born from the passion of a family of joiners with the purpose of offering custom-made furniture for different environments: from public places to shops, bars, hotels, banks, offices and museums. The corporate structure allows Groppo to merge the qualities of an artisan workshop with those of a large company, making it capable of combining the excellence of a crafted product with the care in terms of controls and safety being typical of industrial processing.


For millennia, the olive tree has been associated with the history of Mediterranean countries. Distinctly characteristic of the landscape, it is synonymous with both aesthetic and culinary quality, and has become part of the collective imagination of this area. Along with its oil, this plant offers a dense timber of unrivalled beauty and elasticity, which rarely reaches very wide diameters.
As the cultivation of the fruit is usually preferred over that of the plant itself, the tree is subject to continuous pruning, enriching the peculiarity of this timber: a grain of rare beauty, carved in a knotty and curved stem. The amount of wood harvested is always modest and this makes the material precious and never derivative. Robust and elastic, soft and polished to the touch, its scent reveals a delicate note of olive essence. A material that stimulates the senses and emotions.

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Elaios is offered in three different sizes, designed to fit the best in any environment and circumstance.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any tailor-made customization or special request!

OVAL (cm)

ROUND (cm)


Elaios is a sustainability-conscious table: all the materials employed, from the carefully selected timbers to the products with which they are treated, allow the creation of a 100% recyclable object. The contact with completely natural materials will allow you to turn a meal or a convivial event into a unique sensory experience!



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